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Mushroom Summer

Ah, the simple mushroom. You either love them or detest them as my son-in-law does. Either way we've had a summer full of them like I've never seen before. I need to preface the rest of this post with the fact that although I notice and sometimes pick my own findings, I don't set out to forage per-se. For me its enough to recognize the plants around me.

This summer we were late getting to our camping lot and the first thing I saw at the edges were these very pretty little boletes. Specifically, they were Orange-capped boletes (Leccinum scabrum) which grow, predictably, in wooded areas with poplar aspen, oak, and pine. They were where they were supposed to grow. And, they're edible - I did taste them and Maggie checked them out too. Instead I opted to share my bounty with the couple driving through the campground who were searching for more.

Later in the season I noticed some White cheese polypore (Tyromyces chioneus) populating one of our trees. I'm not included to taste this one. But, it does look really cool. And while visiting friends at another lake I happened on some other mushrooms that didn't look appetizing but didn't get pictures. One looked like a Fragile Brittlegill (Russula fragilis) and the other looked like a Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria). So interesting! So glad I know not to eat them without knowing more.

With all these sightings, I still haven't found Chaga (a favorite), Oyster, Tremella, or even simple puffballs nearby. I'm super glad I have amazing suppliers who gather respectfully and prepare them for me to use right out of the packet. Here at Taiga Beauty™ I use mushrooms in our Chaga and Willow Polishing Grains which are so amazing for irritated and acneic skin. I have ideas percolating for more products that would benefits from Chaga and other mushrooms as well. They're coming...

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