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Taiga Beauty™ was born from loss and curiosity. In 2016 when Fort Mcmurray wildfire, "The Beast,"  stole all my existing craft outlets, I was also introduced to teaching cosmetology at my school. I assigned a research project to my students about the ingredients in what they were using. I wasn't happy with what they found. This led me to a new hobby and eventually to creating Taiga Beauty™. 

I'm proud to include ingredients from my own backyard - the Boreal Forest. The fire showed me just how resilient the land and plants around me are and I learn everyday that resilient skin does come from resilient ingredients. I feel good about what I create and my impacts on the environment. I feel confident that my products will produce positive results for my clients. 

Taiga Beauty™ is not your typical homemade or drugstore skincare.  I am able, unlike most brands, to recycle all of my packaging including empty lip balm tubes and mylar pouches! My ingredients are unique and many are adaptogenic meaning you use less and less over time to produce the same results. I am excited to share this with people because I know it will change your routines for the better. 

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110 Grayling Crescent

Fort McMurray, AB    T9J 1K3 


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