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Welcome to
Taiga Beauty™

Welcome to Taiga Beauty where we believe that nature and beauty should be within everyone’s heart, mind and home. We are on a mission to bring the goodness around us in nature to the body’s largest organ - the one that faces the everyday hustle of our lives - the one that works hard to protect us and maintain our internal wellbeing - the one that allows us the sensation of touch, keeps our temperature in balance, and provides countless other functions that we take for granted. 


Its time to reward your skin!


We center our formulae on carefully curated natural, organic, and wildcrafted ingredients from plants, flowers, herbs, nuts and seeds. Our skin-loving products do more than just protect and nourish. They encourage you to take time out and immerse yourself in the bounty that is the Taiga - our Boreal Forest. 

This is your time to treat yourself
Honour your skin and express your gratitude for it
Slow down and breathe deep
As you would if you were walking through

our amazing Taiga

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