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Starting Fresh

It seems there's a lot of focus on skincare from the Boreal lately. Lots of Boreal Skincare companies popping up in my feeds - so we've changed our name to remain unique. We're starting anew this year as Taiga Beauty. It's a great time to take stock of what we've accomplished and fine-tune what we are doing. So... here's an outline of what's changing.

  1. Our look remains the same. Same logo with a different name. Same colours and packaging. Only the name has changed - and we've trademarked that so we don't have to rebrand again.

  2. We are refining our product line and focusing on specific skincare issues. Look for schemas for Mature/Aging Skin, Dull/Dehydrated Skin, Sensitive/Reactive Skin, and Oily/Acneic Skin.

  3. Our lip balm is back to its original creamy soothing consistency. We tried something new but sometimes the old ways are best! And, we have some new great flavours.

  4. We're trying out some new ingredients, techniques, and equipment. This will be fun!

  5. There will be a launch at the Fort McMurray Spring Trade Show in April. Watch for more info and discounts.

Please reach out if there is something you'd like to see that we don't have yet. Always good to have a "todo" list. And check us out on social media. We're trying to keep up adding informational and inspirational posts you may enjoy.

Facebook: taiga_beauty

Twitter: taigabeauty

Instagram: taiga_skincare

Pinterest: taigabeauty

Stay beautiful and strong like the forest - Joanna

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